Local Endorsements

Here is a list of endorsements from my community that I want to thank for helping make this possible.

 Joram Diamant Foundation
Sisi Cafe
Mrs. Diane Bevis
Canyon Club Brewery
Moraga Liquors
Lamorinda Motors
Keith Katzman
Dave Schnayer
Savio and Christina de Silva
Stephen de Silva
Gloria Arias
Mark and Sandy Carlton
Bianca’s Deli
Minerva Chapa
Justin Rider
Orlando Cepeda Jr.
Kate and Tom  Kosturos 
Curt and Bonnie Lofstedt
Krissy  Wagner
Kathy and Bob Crow
Lisa Douglass
Nancy and Brad Gill
Connie Bentley
Jeff Lindquist
Mike and Liz Calhoun

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Letter to the Editor


Lamorinda Weekly Newspaper


PO BOX 6133

Moraga, Ca.  94556


I am asking everyone to Vote Kendall Langan for Moraga Town Council on November 3.

After reviewing the backgrounds and endorsements of three of the other candidates, it is clear they are backed by the same basic group which has controlled the Town Council, through “BLOCK” voting, for the last 20 years.   This is why I am recommending you ONLY vote for Kendall Langan 

Voting ONLY for Kendall Langan will minimize the effect of BLOCK voting which does not represent the whole of Moraga. Kendall needs to have your individual vote to win this election. 

Kendall is a very ethical person and will be an excellent and exciting addition to the Town Council. Kendall was on the 1974 Committee to Incorporate Moraga and was honored for his contribution, he spent over 14 years as President of the Lafayette Moraga Youth Association (LMYA) creating sports for over 5000 participants each year and has kept his office building as an attractive element to the Central downtown Moraga area on Country Club Drive. Kendall’s business career involves Environmental Remediation and Agricultural practices that prevent and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals while improving the soil.  He has always contributed to our community in many ways because he cares about our community.

We need an open-minded person who doesn’t have an agenda and can make good decisions for all of Moraga. Kendall is the one we need on the Town Council.  

Kendall will not be influenced by anyone and knows how to stand up to bullies. Kendall is my friend, he is your friend he is our friend,

Please cast a single vote for Kendall Langan. 


Gloria Arias